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A Book of Short Stories
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"Mind Games" is a culmination of stories that, although are fantasy, border on the realm of believability. The individual fantasies end with a plot twist. Also, after every story in this collection, a poem closes the descriptive narrative to add to the theme of a mind game.

As the first story, "The Site of Blood", begins, a newly convicted killer escapes into the streets of the city of Chicago, only to be chased by a bounty hunter. Once the two are together, a bond that was formed by the two, years earlier, becomes apparent.

The next story, "The Riches of Worms", depicts a love struck boy, yearning to please his new girlfriend. The only way he can think to do this is to come into money by any means necessary. He convinces her to go with him to rob a graveyard.

In "The Eyes That May See", Reece dramatizes the greedy pull of a southern ministry. With his assistant close by his side, the minister masterminds a way to steal thousands of dollars from his followers.

"The Curse of the Tracks" goes the way of an urban legend. A recent arrival to the area doesn't believe it when his girlfriend and others tell him of a ghost train that runs through the town on Friday nights.

"The Decision of a lifetime" goes back to the "what if" or "could this happen" scenario when a woman, feeling like she needs a fresh break, turns her back on her life. An old woman shows her the direction her life is headed.

While set in the streets of Chicago, "Altars and Altered" follows Gypsy as she follows her intuition on the streets. From her New Orleans past, though, she realizes that a menacing force is with her.

"Hanging From Hinges" begins as a couple enjoys their new house. But after replacing a broken door, the family doesn't realize that the door has somehow caught the spirit of a Native American.

The final narrative "In the Blink of an Eye" deals with lost love. A love so strong that, years later, the bond that once held two hearts together, however short of a time that it was, pulls Joe's heart strings one more time: one last time, only to be cut forever.

These eight stories, however sorted they may be, keep the reader wanting more, and wondering the next time he or she drive past a cemetery, or hears a train in the distance.

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